You Don’t Know How Much I Prayed

God In Me by gospel artists Mary Mary says it all. No one knows what a person has gone through based on outside appearances. People have a tendency of judging without getting to know the person.

She may look good from top to bottom now, but did you know her struggles before the luxury car, nice home, and successful career? It may have taken her years to push through the pain, loneliness, and living from paycheck to paycheck. She may have even been homeless with kids. God kept her. She never gave up hope! She prayed day in and day out.

It may seem the odds are against you from time to time, never lose hope despite how bad things may look. Keep pushing through the pain…dig through the tunnel of darkness until the light shines through.


Which Door Will Kim Open?

The sun disappears behind the mountain, Kim feels the chill up her spine, her hair stands on end. Peering through her glasses in deep, darkness, she sees a flicker paving its way through the thickness of the fog. It catches her attention for a brief moment with hypnotizing motions. Down goes the cigarette unknowingly falling from her fingers. As she walks slowly towards the flicker, two doors open. The light shines so brightly in one, the other not so much. Which one did she pick?

When presented with opportunities, it is difficult at times to know what works for you. It all boils down to wants and needs. Most often, needing  a job   precedes wanting a career.

You desire to follow your dreams, but as for now, you need a job to put food on the table, clothes on your family’s back, and keep a roof over your head.

Opportunities do knock, you probably   passed them  by thinking you don’t   have what it takes. The devil is a liar!

If you want something bad enough, so much so you can taste it, you can make it happen. Sure people will doubt you; heck, you may even doubt yourself. You will never know if you will succeed in something unless you try. If one door closes…the light is dim, it wasn’t meant for you. When it shines bright, enter….this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

By the way, Kim picked the door that shone ever so bright.