If it’s in you, let it out!

For weeks I have been toying around with starting an online coaching business. My passion behind it is sufficient enough to move forward. What’s the problem you say?

Me! I am in my own way. Teaching job interviewing, confidence, and mindset rehabilitation skills at a family shelter has really opened my eyes to a significant need in getting people back to work in a pinch. Whether you are a stay at home mom going back into the workforce or entering the workforce for the first time , caregiver in need of transitioning, or a first timer entering the workforce, there is a need!

There is also a need to rehab the mind from all things negative to the positive aspects of life so you can get that promotion you deserve! No matter how great you are at your job, if your personality sucks, you will be passed over or replaced. There are plenty of people looking to take your position.

My passion is to educate and set people up for success.

If it’s in you, let it out soon. You will never know what you got until you go for it.

Coach Mimi Jenkins


No Time Like The Present


Grow professionally – Never stop learning!

Overcome – You are not your circumstance!

Aspire – You are created to do great things in life!

Let go of the past – It’s time to blossom into your unique gift!

Stop procrastinating – Just get up and do it; small steps, big impact!

Coach Mimi Jenkins,
Certified Profesional Coach

When People Won’t Give You A Second Chance

What do you do when people will not give you a second chance? In today’s world everyone is more concerned about labels than how a person can benefit from positive feed back. We all need to be encouraged in this world if we are to do the best that we possibly can. But, if we are always getting negative feedback about the things we are doing wrong… given a cold shoulder or talked about the things we have done in our past instead of looking at things in a new perspective, it feeds on our negative thoughts and actions.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Not only that, we must know that the world will accept us for who we are now not who we were in the past.

To get pass the feeling of your past circumstances and obviously how people label you this is what I suggest:

1. Know that you are definitely not your circumstance. What happened in the past should stay in the past and those that are dwelling on your past it’s their problem not yours. What you need to do is move on with your life.

2. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to be your friend, not everyone is going in your direction of travel. That’s okay, travel by yourself for a while until you figure things out.

3. Don’t expect the same people to be your friend that wants were. This will show you who you can depend on and who you cannot. And keep in mind that this is a clean up session. You do not want anyone with you that cannot encourage, uplift, and be by your side when the going gets tough. It’s a great eye opener indeed and a test of your friendship.

4. You’ve heard this saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Get off the self pity, get off the nobody cares about you, get off the train that is taking you nowhere. Get on the path that’s going to lead you in the right direction, the one that will take you places beyond your highest expectations, the one that’s going to put your life back on track. Learn how to adapt with what you have in your life now.

Life is not meant to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But the thing is knowing what you want out of life and not letting anyone derail you from your goals and aspirations. It is very important to block out all the negativity you were accustomed to in the past; find new friends find a new place to live, and stay away from what caused your past situation. You’ve got to get-up-and-get going. No one is going to do this for you, you have to do it for yourself. Once you learn that you can accomplish just one little, tiny task you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Change your mindset once and for all!

People are always going bring up your past, they’re always going to point out the things that you did that were unpleasant, they’re always going to point out things they don’t approve of, but it’s up to you to stand firm, get your life straight, and let them know that you are not the person you used to be! You are stronger, powerful, and you can handle anything that comes your way.

You got this!

Set Yourself Free

Have you ever felt a sense of “newness?” I wake up every morning thanking God and appreciating everyone and everything He has placed in my life. I thank Him for the simple things we take for granted such as water and a cup of coffee.

This newness I am experiencing is an awakening of all things spiritual. I can still love, forgive, and show compassion for those who could care less about me. You see, when they are hating, I am loving…when they are miserable, I am happy…when they try to interfere, I keep progressing, the more they talk about me, the more I walk with Jesus.

Set Yourself Free:

• Thank God for your life, there are so many fighting to live.

• Appreciate the “now.”

• Forgive those who have hurt you. You will honestly feel instant peace of mind.

• Do more, talk less. Yes, actions do speak louder than words.

• God first, family second, and everything else will fall into place.

• You can’t change people however, you can work on changing you.

• Don’t sweat the small stuff.

• There is always tomorrow, God’s will be done.

• You are not a super hero, stop trying to take on everything yourself and ask for help.

• You are human, mistakes will be made; learn from it and move on.

• You do not have to prove anything to anyone.

If it’s one thing you do not want to do is aim for perfection. You will drive yourself insane. Instead, aim for better.

What Looks Good Isn’t Always Good

As teenager I had to endure hurtful words thrown at me like a sword through the heart by “mean girls” in junior high and high school. I was obviously the target of all things they hated. There was no rhyme or reason why I was the “chosen” one. One day they would speak to me and the next it was as if I had the plague. But you know what? It NEVER bothered me as much because I knew I was a child of the most High God and He walked the hallways with me; therefore, I walked with confidence. It wasn’t until my adult years I struggled with confidence and self- image issues.

I let down my guard and who I was as a purposeful woman. I was more focused on how others perceived me; always dieting and comparing myself to every woman I thought had it all together.

Lack of self- image is a recipe for disaster. In my eyes, I wasn’t thin enough…light enough…fancy enough…pretty enough…I wasn’t enough. Period.

It took me years to regain self-esteem and confidence, it was also a struggle and coming to terms with accepting the fact God doesn’t make mistakes.

Seven Steps to Overcoming Low Self-esteem and Lack of Confidence:

• Love yourself. We are all created in different shades and sizes. Love you unconditionally.

• Compare yourself to yourself. In other words, be a better you today than you were yesterday.

• Change your mindset. How you feel about yourself can impact your self-esteem and confidence.

• Take your mind off of self. Do not look for imperfections, instead focus on all the positive aspects of your life. For example, you are breathing….

• Each and every day, look for ways to pay it forward by building self-esteem and confidence in others; doing so will get your mind off of self. You will feel rejuvenated in no time!

• NEVER stop learning and growing into your purpose.

• Finally, know you are truly enough! The best is yet to come!

In conclusion, it does not matter how others think about you or how you think they have it all together. What looks good on the outside isn’t always good on the inside. Not only that, it’s not always good for you. You may actually be the one they aspire to be like. You will never know…just keep smiling, makes people wonder what you are up to.

Freedom in Unexpected Places

It’s okay to have a bad, it’s called life. What you don’t want to do is portray your “life” onto others. At times we hit a brick wall; oftentimes unexpected situations occur that’s out of our control. We didn’t see it coming after all, it wasn’t there earlier today or yesterday.

Adjust and move forward. Dig deep down inside and find freedom within your heart to release your frustration by means of coloring, writing, walking, reading, or calling your best friend, or favorite relative.

Take a deep breath and say, I can do this.” You are a mover and a shaker. No matter what comes your way, know you are never alone! Also, know your days are not all going to be a bed of roses. You win some and you win some…..never give in to your frustration. Win….win…

There are no losers here. Life is meant to make mistakes, learn from them and move on.