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Which Door Will Kim Open?

When Opportunity Knocks, Which Door Will You Open?

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6 Marketing Decisions You Must Make: Choose Wisely 

You are in the process of taking the leap as an entrepreneur and you want to get the word out…how should you proceed? 1. Door to door 2. Word of mouth 3. Cold calling 4. Emailing 5. Social Media 6. Website I would cross out number one. Knocking on someone’s door isn’t quite the thing to do… Continue reading 6 Marketing Decisions You Must Make: Choose Wisely¬†

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4 Reasons To Take That Leap

Social Media Marketing Professional Picture yourself as an entrepreneur…doing something you have been dreaming of for years, but instead you work for someone else. Bored as can be, you find yourself in a place that doesn’t appreciate your knowledge and expertise. What’s keeping you from taking the leap? A lack of funds? Fear?  Faith? Negativity… Continue reading 4 Reasons To Take That Leap