If it’s in you, let it out!

For weeks I have been toying around with starting an online coaching business. My passion behind it is sufficient enough to move forward. What’s the problem you say?

Me! I am in my own way. Teaching job interviewing, confidence, and mindset rehabilitation skills at a family shelter has really opened my eyes to a significant need in getting people back to work in a pinch. Whether you are a stay at home mom going back into the workforce or entering the workforce for the first time , caregiver in need of transitioning, or a first timer entering the workforce, there is a need!

There is also a need to rehab the mind from all things negative to the positive aspects of life so you can get that promotion you deserve! No matter how great you are at your job, if your personality sucks, you will be passed over or replaced. There are plenty of people looking to take your position.

My passion is to educate and set people up for success.

If it’s in you, let it out soon. You will never know what you got until you go for it.

Coach Mimi Jenkins


Queen of Destiny: Let Your Light Shine Through

March came in like a roaring lion with winds howling up to 60 miles per hour. As I lay in bed listening to what seems like ghosts of times past, I couldn’t help but smile. You see, I am an overcomer of all things negative…all things impossible…all things in life that have been placed on the back burner. I am no longer my past situation(s).

When we look back on our lives it should remind us of how we overcame the impossible, the naysayers, and fear of moving forward. It is not how others think we should progress in our personal, professional, or spiritual growth, but how we are progressing at a paste suitable to our needs, wants, and expectations.

Be the Queen or King of your own destiny!

You Don’t Know How Much I Prayed

God In Me by gospel artists Mary Mary says it all. No one knows what a person has gone through based on outside appearances. People have a tendency of judging without getting to know the person.

She may look good from top to bottom now, but did you know her struggles before the luxury car, nice home, and successful career? It may have taken her years to push through the pain, loneliness, and living from paycheck to paycheck. She may have even been homeless with kids. God kept her. She never gave up hope! She prayed day in and day out.

It may seem the odds are against you from time to time, never lose hope despite how bad things may look. Keep pushing through the pain…dig through the tunnel of darkness until the light shines through.