Ten Things To Remove From Your Resume — Immediately

This article talks about ways to improve your resume in order to stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days were the full address is listed at the top of resumes. The resume is a story….your story…use your words and not those of others.

Ten Things To Remove From Your Resume — Immediately


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What Looks Good Isn’t Always Good

As teenager I had to endure hurtful words thrown at me like a sword through the heart by “mean girls” in junior high and high school. I was obviously the target of all things they hated. There was no rhyme or reason why I was the “chosen” one. One day they would speak to me and the next it was as if I had the plague. But you know what? It NEVER bothered me as much because I knew I was a child of the most High God and He walked the hallways with me; therefore, I walked with confidence. It wasn’t until my adult years I struggled with confidence and self- image issues.

I let down my guard and who I was as a purposeful woman. I was more focused on how others perceived me; always dieting and comparing myself to every woman I thought had it all together.

Lack of self- image is a recipe for disaster. In my eyes, I wasn’t thin enough…light enough…fancy enough…pretty enough…I wasn’t enough. Period.

It took me years to regain self-esteem and confidence, it was also a struggle and coming to terms with accepting the fact God doesn’t make mistakes.

Seven Steps to Overcoming Low Self-esteem and Lack of Confidence:

• Love yourself. We are all created in different shades and sizes. Love you unconditionally.

• Compare yourself to yourself. In other words, be a better you today than you were yesterday.

• Change your mindset. How you feel about yourself can impact your self-esteem and confidence.

• Take your mind off of self. Do not look for imperfections, instead focus on all the positive aspects of your life. For example, you are breathing….

• Each and every day, look for ways to pay it forward by building self-esteem and confidence in others; doing so will get your mind off of self. You will feel rejuvenated in no time!

• NEVER stop learning and growing into your purpose.

• Finally, know you are truly enough! The best is yet to come!

In conclusion, it does not matter how others think about you or how you think they have it all together. What looks good on the outside isn’t always good on the inside. Not only that, it’s not always good for you. You may actually be the one they aspire to be like. You will never know…just keep smiling, makes people wonder what you are up to.

You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission

When we “think” we have to explain to people why we need to explore new heights in our life, we restrict our godly gifts. We don’t need to explain or seek permission from anyone with the exception of God and yourself. Now that being said, if you are married or in a relationship it could more than likely be a joint decision; I’m not in your home…only you know this answer. You don’t want to cause strife where there isn’t any. Just saying….

You see, too often we seek the advice from people that do not have their own lives together…people that do not want you to succeed because they never had the courage to step out on their own without approval from someone else.

Think about it, when you are stagnant in your life with no goals or aspirations and all you do is “wish” you could be more courageous to take the leap of faith, you employ discouraging people in your company. You will hear depressing stories about how they never made it because someone held them back from achievement. Well guess what, they are doing the exact same thing to you. It’s time to wake up and know Whose and Who you are! Always remember, misery loves company. Once you leave misery behind, an awakening of the mind, body, soul, and spirit will seek to soar new heights!

• Change your mindset/Change your mind for the better. Stop giving reasons why you “can’t,” give reasons why you “should” and “will.”

• Change the company you keep. Ask yourself, “Are they lifting me up or dragging me down?” In other words, are they adding to your life or sucking life out of you?

• Support those who support you. We all need a support system to take the heavy load off of day to day tasks.

• Don’t burn any bridges. If you need to leave a job or break off a relationship, do so on friendly terms. You never know when you may need future services or favors.

• Start journaling:

[ ] What are your goals?

[ ] What actions are you going to take to achieve your goals?

[ ] Who/What are involved/included in your goal setting? Kids? Spouse? situations? Circumstances?

[ ] What is your time frame for completion?

[ ] What/Who is your why?

[ ] Whose permission are you seeking?

[ ] What obstacles are you facing?

[ ] How will you overcome those obstacles?

We would like to think there is a perfect time….there is no perfect time. It’s now or never.

There is one thing I know for sure, you can and will accomplish great things in life through hard work, patience, loved ones in your corner, and a positive attitude.

Happy Goal Setting!