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What Is Your Why

I finally did it! For years I have been traveling through my mind the idea of becoming a life coach for the purpose of building confidence in others…empowering others to live the life that has been placed on the back burner due to transition or lack of confidence. Transitioning into a new career…suddenly becoming a… Continue reading What Is Your Why

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Which Direction Will You Travel?

When you travel within your heart, dreams come alive and the beam in your eyes shine bright.  You have been traveling for a while now, it’s time to choose the right path. Which direction will you choose? The one that aligns with your dreams or the one that pleases the naysayers in your life? You… Continue reading Which Direction Will You Travel?

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Who Told You That?

Who told you,  you would never be anything? Who told you,  you were no good? Who told you,  you were not beautiful? Who told you, you were useless like your father/mother? Who told you, you couldn’t be saved? Wait a minute, who told you, you couldn’t create? Dream? Show up in life? Be who God… Continue reading Who Told You That?