5 Reasons To Move On

Have you ever searched for another job during your current employment?

Have you lost interest in what once was exciting?

Do you get excuses as to why you haven’t been hired full-time or promoted?

Do other employees hired after you seem to hit it off with the boss when you don’t even get a “hello”?

Are others doing challenging tasks you have asked for?

If you truly feel a lack of compassion and are no longer motivated, it’s time to move on if not, keep reading.

You can either do one or two things:

1. Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss your current position OR

2. Move on.

Before you pick option 2, try to pinpoint why you haven’t been promoted or hired full-time. Sometimes we can find the problem within ourselves. If you were once given a task and your response was, “This is not in my job description,” more than likely, you will not be asked again.

Also, if you are the type to see the glass half empty instead of half-full, you are part of the problem. An employer wants employees that own their position and are not afraid to take on tasks that are sometimes not in the job description.

How can you get a promotion or considered for full-time employment?

1. Ask if you can crosstrain on positions within your department or even the company, particularly those positions that are of interest to you. This will let the employer know you are more than willing to learn and have specific goals in mind to help solve the company’s problems when needed in an unexpected situation. You are part of the solution. Don’t stretch yourself too thin!

2. If you have completed all your tasks, ask other co-workers if they have anything you can help with (make sure they are not pushing work off on you so they can have free time and receive all the credit). If not, construct a list of things you would like to learn and set up a meeting with your boss.

3. Arrive a few minutes early to work if you are normally a late person and stay a few minutes after everyone else has left. This will give you the advantage to talk to your boss if he/she normally stays late. It will also give you time to get organize and complete tasks that were put on hold due to priority workloads.

4. Stay away from office politics! If you are known to gossip…stop! You do not want to be blamed for causing mischief within the department.

5. Arrive each morning with a positive attitude. A smile has never hurt anyone.

If you lack confidence, it will show in your day to day activities. Believe in yourself!


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