7 Strategies to Empowerment

I often struggled with confidence and had an abundance of self-image issues. No one could get through to me because I didn’t want to hear how negative or selfish I was. It was who I was and that was that! My thinking was simply this: I was great at what I did and the company needed someone in my area of expertise. No one can replace me. Right? Wrong…..

I got passed over for promotions because of my “attitude.” The eye opener for me was when I was told I could be replaced in a flash. I was offered anger management classes and told all eyes were on me. In essence, shape up or ship out! Wow! I thought, “Am I really that horrible of an employee?”

If you think you can get by with only “expertise” you are dead wrong.

I help people that are just like I was, down right negative. Changing your mindset can open up doors of opportunity you never though existed. Negativity can destroy your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, a great friend, spouse, and employer. It prevents you from using your unique abilities to the next level.

How do you change your mindset?

1. Get to the root of your problems. Is it personal? Is it something that someone said or did to you in the past?

2. Recognize you have a negative mindset.

3. Decide you want the best life has to offer.

4. Write down what has been bothering you and toss it in the trash. What doesn’t belong in your life need to be deleted. Put it in the trash!

5. Acknowledge your purpose and godly gifts. What are your goals and aspirations? What have you neglected due to one reason or another?

6. Breathe and know you are human and failing is good thing. In fact fail until you get it right, it will make you an expert in your field.

7. Talk to someone who will listen and not judge.

You are created to do great things in life. Move forward, move often!


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