3 Things to Refuse in Life


There was a time in life (younger years) that it mattered what people said about me….how they perceived me…ignored me….did to me.

But now, I truly don’t care. 

 What I can’t do is:
1. Make you happy
2.  Make you like or love me
3.  Make you notice me
4.  Make you include me
5.  Make you speak to me

refuse to:

1.  Gossip with you
2.  Lie with you
3.  Let you control me

What I can do:

1.  Love me
2. Pray for you
3. Live life on purpose

Folk  that constantly look for flaws in others refuse to recognize their own. Misery loves company. If they are not happy, you shouldn’t be happy. I’m here to tell you…Satan is a liar.

Refuse to let anyone steal your joy!


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