6 Things you NEVER say to your coworkers 

1. What did you do different with your makeup today?

Okay, so…You’ve been doing your own makeup for years, what makes today so different? Don’t get offended by this comment; maybe it’s the shade(s)of makeup that perked you up and made you glow. Or maybe you are wearing  less than usual.  Simply ask the commenter, “What makes today different.” Guess what, you will more than likely get an honest answer.

2. You look good today.

Now you are wondering how you looked the other days. This comment is meant to be a compliment….don’t take it personal. Again, it reverts back to the color and/or shade of colors that compliments your figure and coordinated accessories. Kindly say, “Thanks” with a smile and go your merry way. If you know the person to be sarcastic, thank her anyway. There’s no need to stoop down to her level.

3. That color makes you look thin.

It seems as if we can’t escape “color”. You are probably thinking, “That’s what I was going for” or “I didn’t realize my other clothes made me look fat gosh darn it!” This can either be a compliment or insult depending on the commenter. You can say, “Thank you”. Or “That color on you makes you look thin as well.” With a smile of course. You see, the trick is not to wear your feelings on your sleeves.

4.  How’s your sex life?

Steer clear of this one. If you are asked this question, kindly say, “I do not discuss my personal life with anyone.” Once you give the green light, deeper conversations may make you feel uncomfortable. Not only that, it’s called sexual harassment. You don’t want to go there with a coworker; especially if it could possibly result in a lawsuit.

  What religion are you?

Respect the religion of others and you will do just fine. If you are interested in a coworkers religion and want to  know more, do this after hours. Strong disagreements on religion can cause raucous in the work environment. You most definitely do not want division.

6. Who did you vote for?

This is a definite no no! If you and your coworkers are mature enough to discuss it, then go for it; otherwise, don’t chance it. This nation has suffered enough division. You should never let the one you voted for separate you and your coworkers. Seek to understand each other and go on with your day. This question is a sure ticking bomb and will explode if not careful. Now, with that being said, kindly say, “Who ever I voted for, I pray he/she does a good job!” That’s it! End of discussion. Change the channel to another tune.

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