6 Marketing Decisions You Must Make: Choose Wisely 

You are in the process of taking the leap as an entrepreneur and you want to get the word out…how should you proceed?

. Door to door
2. Word of mouth
3. Cold calling
4. Emailing
5. Social Media
6. Website

I would cross out number one. Knocking on someone’s door isn’t quite the thing to do these days. I would also cross out number three for now. Unless you have a specific lead, the person on the other end will more than likely ignore your phone call especially if they are not expecting it.

Number four is a possibility. Keep in mind your email may not be read; people do not like opening email from unknowns. Not only that, it just might end up in spam email.

Two, five, and six are the better choices.

Word of Mouth:
Let your friends and family  know you are starting your business. If you have business cards, pass them out ensuring it has all pertinent information for contact. But, don’t stop there….
Depending on finances and expected  growth of your business, you can run an ad in your local newspaper, weekly/monthly  newsletter, local radio station, and bulletin boards.
Attending local events, online webinars and/ or conferences are to be considered.
Whether you are selling a product or service, someway, somehow someone’s got to know you are alive and ready to rise to the needs of clients. Your business and expertise are in demand for the right clients. Now, listen to this…if you are selling a product, you are in demand for the right clients in the right location.  If there is not a demand for your product in your area, you may have to hop over a town or two to ensure business prosperity.

Social Media:
Try out one network at a time. Do not try to set up four or five only to use one. Familiarize yourself with the network….let’s say Twitter. If you are not sure how to set up your business account, contact someone who knows what to do….a professional.
Nine times out of ten, you may already have a personal account so….you should know a little something….if not, again, a professional is only a click away.

A website ties everything together. This is where all the magic happens. Now, you can spend funds you don’t have on a professional to build a website tailored to your specific requirements or you can set it up yourself via WordPress, Jimdo, Wix, Weebly,etc. For more options, look up Free Website Builders for Small Businesses.    Let your imagination go wild.  I’m talking…blog posts, press releases, images, various professional forms…It’s pretty much self explanatory…make it your own. Did I mention Search Engine Optimization.(SEO)friendly?

The sky’s the limit of all you can accomplish  with these sites!

Remember, you are never alone as you grow your business. There is always someone willing to help…some for free and some for a fee.


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